About me

My name is Holly and I live in Connecticut with my husband and two children. We have a King Charles Spaniel and an adorable Chinchilla. In my free time I enjoy photography, nature and exploring. We lead very busy lives between school, jobs, sports and keeping track of all the activities the kids have going on. I wouldn’t... Continue Reading →

Frozen in Time

I am famous for my conversations that take several different turns off subject before getting to the point. Kind of like a dog waiting for you to throw his favorite toy, only to see a squirrel run by and out the window goes his attention with the toy. My attention span is just about the... Continue Reading →

Surviving without Facebook

Many of us are connected to technology and its magical pull into the endless hallways of social media. It’s not unusual to hear people say they went to check something only to find themselves hours later still scrolling through their feed. Although there is a love/hate relationship with social media, there have been very few... Continue Reading →

Tied to Technology

We have become so dependent on our cell phones for everyday living that it has interrupted the connection we have with living. We use our phones for emails, photography, texts, navigation, booking trips... the list goes on. We can take a picture and have it instantly uploaded to multiple social networks in seconds. While we... Continue Reading →

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